Tuesday, February 28, 2006


To the body at "Beachreach," the church of His House in Kalamzoo on the campus of Western Michigan University.
First, let me start off with an introduction, my name is David Boulton, a servant of the Almighty God whom we serve. I, along with all the saints of Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, Illinois, greet you, brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus with a humble heart.
God is moving here, brothers and sisters.
I am a recent true devotee to Christ, only last week did I truly surrender my life to Him, and have done so since. A small group of friends have been in prayer for revival here at Olivet for awhile now.
God is delivering.
God has been moving today in ways that are undeniable. First, He has saved many of us from sin, we still struggle through temptation, but God has saved us from the sins themselves and committing them.
Second, God has been reclaiming and reviving many others to Him for His glory. Tonight, a hard message was delivered that the church is sleeping and that God will not tolerate our praise, let alone enjoy it, until we have turned from our wicked ways and given Him our hearts. In that prayer chapel meeting, many confessed hidden sins to the Lord and the others there, 15-20 spoke on ways God has moved in their lives or how they are struggling, and many came to faith.
I prayed with Brian over the phone for a long time. He told me of the wondrous things God is doing in Panama City and we prayed for the work there and the work here at Olivet.
Revival is upon us.
After I hung up with Brian I went in and was compelled to share with the body that was assembled for a worship service called "Party With Jesus," which happens every Monday night. I shared about how God has saved me from drunkenness, drug addiction, pornography addiction, anger, bitterness, hatred, and selfishness. I no longer desire such things, all I desire is Christ.
I told the body here of your work in Panama city and how God was working and challenged them to pray for you all as many of you are praying for us here. Please continue to pray for our body here!
God used the words he gave me to cause many to wrestle with their problems, and many to ultimately submit to His will. This is a daily process and these brothers and sisters (myself included) will need prayer.
He has promised a revival to us and He will deliver. May He spark revival here, with you, and all across this world. He is the Glorious One.
I could write for days and never fully explain my thoughts, and I will shortly be falling asleep here from the deep praying and worship tonight.
I long to see you, my brothers and sisters in Christ. I will be coming to Kalamazoo soon and pray that I will see you then, and be able to meet you and rejoice in Him and His truth with you.
Until then, remain strong, do His will, and He will give you His best.